Our mission is to inspire productivity.  We believe employees should be empowered with insights on how they work to become the most productive versions of themselves.  There should be full transparency with employees on data collected and how it will be used.  Managers should feel confident with the future of work that includes geographical dispersed teams, and flexible schedules.

Our focus is to drive the future of work by providing organizations with employee centric workforce optimization solutions that smartly leverage AI and where both the organization and the employee experience value.


“The Japanese word shokunin is a ‘craftsman’ or ‘artisan,’ but such a literal description does not fully express the deeper meaning. The Japanese apprentice is taught that shokunin means not only having technical skills, but also implies an attitude and social consciousness. … The shokunin has a social obligation to work his/her best for the general welfare of the people. This obligation is both spiritual and material, in that no matter what it is, the shokunin’s responsibility is to fulfill the requirement.” 
— Tasio Orate.

Our leadership team

CEO, Founder

Victor Anjos

As CEO and visionary behind the product, Victor's focus is on revolutionizing productivity with Kunin AI as the catalyst, and turning Kunin AI into a top tier AI productivity solution provider utilizing his experience as a winner.

CCO, Founder

Lisa Gillespie

As Chief Commercial Officer, Lisa's focus is on our customer, ensuring our customer first strategy is executed from the initial interaction and continues throughout the entire customer’s journey with Kunin AI.

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