Effectively Manage Work

View real-time monitoring and insights
Work from anywhere (including the office)
Embrace flexible schedules
Drive productivity
Empower employees
Protect employee privacy

Manage All Work Environments

Employee data is collected regardless of work location and across devices and presented in one cohesive view
In the Office – work insights are just as valuable in the office as out of office.  Employees still need to manage interruptions

Out of the Office – provide guidance and oversight from work from anywhere

On the Go – view insights and manage activities from your mobile device

Hybrid – employees can seamlessly move between the office and their remote work environment, and between their work and personal devices, Kunin AI collects and collates the data in the background

Support All Talent Strategies

Buy, Build, or Borrow, Today’s talent pool is diverse and flexible. Our solution’s simplicity of implementation and ease of use allows you to manage talent inside and outside of your organization
Full Time (buy)
Part Time (buy)
Up-skill (build)
Contract/Freelance/Gig (borrow)

Control Access to Your Data

The solution is built for transparency, in fact you can’t turn it off

When you need control over activity and task creation you can assign a central administrator

Managers have full access to define and assign work to their team. Dashboards enable the manager to refine views by employee, activity, date, and time

Employees have access to all their data through employee dashboards, including historical. They can set their own schedule, and add inline performance notes for reviews.

When needed access the details down to the millisecond

Connect your solutions through our Rest API

Fast and Easy to Implement

As with all AI solutions, the sooner you can start learning the better. Within hours you can be ready to start gathering insights
No lengthy requirements phase needed – Our implementation approach allows you to start gather insights immediately without days and months of analysis
Implementation efforts are minimal – Hook into your managed directory service, add the image to the desktop, and you’re done! Kunin AI is built atop several desktop authoring frameworks running just above the operating system
Discover – During the discovery phase Kunin AI starts to uncover workflow patterns. You work business as usual. Any data collected during discovery is recalibrated once you have finalized configuration decisions
Configure and Launch – Workflow patterns uncovered during discovery drives how the information will be collated for analysis

Leverage an AI First Technology

Kunin AI’s, patent pending, non-intrusive solution is built on the latest technology stack available and connects into any environment without integration overhead
Cross platform and portable, this same technology stack provides an easy to use interface, analytics, and ability to quickly configure what data you want to collect, how you want to collect it, and when you want to use it

Configure what you want to collect, when, and how based on your business, your activities

Full ownership of your data with complete data export and import capabilities
Fully secured – PCI, HIPAA, PII compliant

Our Commitment

Our design is inclusive of all levels of the organization and built with capabilities that support full transparency.  Data drives insights and we believe that capturing data and metrics are an integral part of understanding how to improve.  We also believe in full transparency in what is being captured, how the data is being used, and that insights should be shared with employees empowering them to maximize their individual potential

Our solution was purposefully designed with:

No keylogging

No camera

No video

No email monitoring

No content capture

No support for stealth monitoring

Ability to Pause

Ready to Start?