Why Kunin AI

Kunin AI is dedicated to challenging how we work, to empowering each individual with knowledge on how work gets done, to inspire change and peak performance.

Our approach

Much thought has gone into the the design to make the solution powerful yet simple to use and implement. 

We measure our implementation in hours not weeks.

Quick Start

As with all AI solutions, the sooner you can start learning the better.  Within hours you can be ready to start gathering insights. 



During the discovery phase Kunin AI starts to uncover workflow patterns.  You work business as usual.



Configure and Launch

Based on the workflow patterns uncovered you team configures how the information will be collated for analysis.

You’re now ready to rollout!

Our Products

Desktop Intelligence

Provides AI driven insights that increase productivity by changing how you work.  A set of out of the box collection components, fully customizable, working together to capture valuable user activity insights.

Workflow Intelligence

Enables the understanding of links between disparate applications and windows leveraging machine learning and data analytics. Based on patterns in activity un-categorized work can be properly categorized and accounted for providing a truer picture of productivity. It normalizes what is otherwise grey space between understood process flows and tasks, and revealing naturally occurring patterns.

Process Intelligence

Coming 2022- Neural networks for process mining.

A full AI process mining solution that will understand how your end-to-end processes are executed today, learn and advise on improvements, and if you allow, automatically implements new best practices. The integrated  suite of Desktop, Workflow, and Process Intelligence provides a holistic view of your organization’s workflows.

AI First Architecture

Kunin AI’s, patent pending, non-intrusive solution is built on the latest technology stack available and connects into any environment without integration overhead. Cross platform and portable, this same technology stack provides an easy to use interface, analytics, and ability to quickly configure what data you want to collect, how you want to collect it, and when you want to use it.

No integration required

Just hook into your Managed Directory Service

Modular framework

Configure what you want to collect, when, and how

Full ownership of your data

Complete data export and import capabilities

Fully secured

PCI, HIPAA, PII compliant