Desktop Intelligence

Focus on Your Talent

Take the guess work out of productivity, and go beyond traditional time tracking and desktop monitoring analytics with machine learning

Collect only the data necessary, observe, learn, and adjust

Set expectations on the amount of estimated time an employee should target for tasks and activities

Identify tasks that do not have the appropriate focus, too little or too much time spent on an activity or task

Capture precise time spent on productive, unproductive, and uncategorized tasks and activities

Observe unproductive work and impact on assigned work

Conduct historical trend analysis on tasks, and activity, by team, by individual employee, by task, by activity, by date

Understand application and website usage by employee, team, department, and across the organization

Categorize applications and websites as part of a productive task or activity, or unproductive

Improve performance by understanding and capitalizing on work practices that contribute to peak performance: employee’s best time to focus, most productive times, and the ability to get into flow

Credit your employee for all the work performed using machine learning to capture and categorize all work associated with productive activities and tasks, regardless of how little time a task takes, up to the minute, improving estimates on future work, resource allocation, and project planning


Provide the flexibility for employees to create their own schedules guided by their managers or department schedule

Capitalize on work schedules that align with most productive times

View schedules across employees

Receive alerts on schedule deviations that can have an impact on performance

Alert employees and managers if work is occurring outside of defined working hours, protecting the employees right to disconnect

Monitor tasks that continuously go over expected estimates to identify potential training opportunities.  Compare effort across the team to understand where a team member is working harder than necessary to complete a task

Explore trends to understand what, when, and how work interruptions are disrupting focus and creating stress

Leverage historical trends to identify resource planning refinements

Identify and track the use of inappropriate websites that can violate policies  – TWO WAYS

Add personal notes for employees to document performance against task and activities on the day of, capturing issues, concerns, and praise

Transparency is a critical success factor with any solution.  Kunin AI allows you to publish the use of data collected inline

Promote employee wellness

Understand when employees are working too much

Understand when employees are not taking breaks

Add personal notes on specific tasks, activities, or days to promote balance

Alert employees and managers if work is occurring outside of defined working hours, protecting the employees right to disconnect

Leverage an AI First Technology

Kunin AI’s, patent pending, non-intrusive solution is built on the latest technology stack available and connects into any environment without integration overhead.
Desktop Intelligence uses machine learning to categorize work into tasks and activities eliminating initial lengthy requirement phases and enabling ongoing optimization of work.

Our commitment

Our design is inclusive of all levels of the organization and built with capabilities that support full transparency.  Data drives insights and we believe that capturing data and metrics are an integral part of understanding how to improve.  We also believe in full transparency in what is being captured, how the data is being used, and that insights should be shared with employees empowering them to maximize their individual potential.

Our solution was purposefully designed with the ability to pause and resume to support employee privacy, and without intrusive features: