Desktop Intelligence

Focus on Your Talent

Are interruptions stressing out your employees and decreasing productivity?  

Are you accountable for managing work from anywhere employees and don’t want to become a control freak?

With Kunin AI you can support individual flex hours and empower individuals to make informed decisions on how they work to create the best possible work environment for themselves and the organization.

Desktop Intelligence delivers AI driven insights that increase productivity by changing how you work with a set of out of the box collection components, fully customizable, working together to capture valuable user activity insights.

Take the guess work out of productivity

You should have the right data to inform how to maximize productivity that goes beyond traditional time tracking and desktop monitoring analytics.

Employees are working faster and harder to accommodate work interruptions adding to increased stress and longer days. This is not a sustainable model and will lead to burnout or attrition. A recent Gallup study found that 23% of employees reported feeling burnt out at work very often or always, and an additional 44% reported felling burnt out sometimes.

Work from home is staying in some form but not every employee is finding work from home a positive experience, and not every employer is comfortable with managing remotely. 

43% of CIOs and CTOs are measuring team performance with subjective assessments based on a recent survey from True North.

Understanding how you work and productivity challenges faced is key to making everyone successful.

Identify peak performance

Understand when you best perform, factors contributing to your peak performance, and the opportunity to self-direct changes to improve productivity.

Key Insights

  • Best time to focus

  • Most productive times

  • Desktop activity

Stop unproductive interruptions

Understand what is interrupting productivity, why and when.  Constant interruption happen all day which disrupts focus and creates stress. These interruptions can be mitigated.

Key Insights

  • Focused time

  • Interruptions

  • Flow

Manage to outcomes

Manage to outcomes and embrace work schedules that capitalize on the most productive times. Implement the schedule flexibility you need, and stop managing by an availability indicator on social platforms.  

Key Insights

  • Assigned work

  • Achieved effort

  • Unproductive work

Leverage an AI First Technology

Kunin AI’s, patent pending, non-intrusive solution is built on the latest technology stack available and connects into any environment without integration overhead.
Workflow Intelligence is comprised of neural networks for application and window sequencing that enables all work to be categorized, not just the work you know and understand but all the work being done.

Our commitment

Our design is inclusive of all levels of the organization and built with capabilities that support full transparency.  Data drives insights and we believe that capturing data and metrics are an integral part of understanding how to improve.  We also believe in full transparency in what is being captured, how the data is being used, and that insights should be shared with employees empowering them to maximize their individual potential.

Our solution was purposefully designed with:

No keylogging

No camera

No video

No email monitoring

No content capture

No support for stealth monitoring

Ability to Pause