Focus On Your Talent

Give your employees a view into how they work with insights that can change behavior patterns to increase their productivity, decrease stress, and promote balance

Let Employees Work From Anywhere

In the office, out of the office, on the go (mobile), or hybrid, Employees need to move seamlessly between work environments, and between devices
Kunin AI collates insights in the background regardless of work location or device, and presents in one cohesive view

Enable Flexible Scheduling

Capitalize on work schedules that align with most productive times

Provide the flexibility for employees to create their own schedules, guided by the Manager or Department schedule, enabling them to choose times when they are most productive while supporting the needs of your organization

Teams share schedules to promote transparency and the right to disconnect   

Employees can add scheduling notes on specific tasks, activities, or days

Empower Performance

Improve performance by understanding and capitalizing on work practices that contribute to peak performance

Employees are empowered to work differently with access to their insights via employee centric dashboards

  1. Real time insights
  2. Best time to focus
  3. Most productive times
  4. Flow
  5. Precise time spent on productive, unproductive, and uncategorized tasks and activities
  6. Impact of unproductive work on assigned work
  7. Impact of disruptions on focus
  8. Identification of uncategorized productive work
  9. Historical trends by tasks, activities, dates

Facilitate Performance Reviews

Access performance notes inline to facilitate future performance discussions

Employees can add notes to document performance against tasks and activities on specific days to capture issues, concerns, or reminders.  These notes can be easily viewed to facilitate future performance discussions.

Promote Employee Wellness

Help your employees stay balanced and reduce stress

Employees are alerted based on their schedule when they are 

  1. Working too much
  2. Not taking breaks
  3. Working outside of their defined working hours

Promote Transparency

Transparency is a critical success factor with any solution.  Employees can reference inline your policies on how and what data is collected, why, and what to do if they feel the data collected has been misused. 


Support Employee Privacy

Our commitment is to always build a solution with full transparency, and educate our users to leverage the data in a socially responsible way 

Our solution was purposefully designed with the ability to pause and resume to support employee privacy, and without intrusive features