Support Your Finance Team

Mitigate costs associated with employee turnover, and employee privacy concerns, while reducing workforce costs by enabling a diverse and flexible talent pool

Reduce The Cost Of Employee Turnover

Reduce the cost of employee turnover by supporting the needs of today’s employees

In the office, out of the office, on the go (mobile), or hybrid, enable Employees to move seamlessly between work environments, and between devices while Kunin AI collates the data in the background
Provide the flexibility for Employees to create their own schedules, guided by the Manager or Department schedule, enabling them to choose times when they are most productive while supporting the needs of the organization

Reduce The Cost of Talent

Buy, Build, or Borrow, Today’s talent pool is diverse and flexible. Our solution’s simplicity of implementation and ease of use allows organizations to empower talent inside and out
Full Time (buy)
Part Time (buy)
Up-skill (build)
Contract/Freelance/Gig (borrow)

Mitigate Potential Employee Privacy Litigation

Transparency is a critical success factor with any solution.  Employees are becoming much more vocal about the data collected and how it is used.  Reference inline your policies on how and what data is collected, why, and what to do if the data collected has been misused. 


Understand True Costs

Map activities and tasks to your GLs for a true understanding of cost.  Coming 2022.