Empower Your Managers

Give your Managers the information they need to create high performing teams with a solution that supports the individual

Let Managers Work From Anywhere

In the office, out of the office, on the go (mobile), or hybrid, Managers need to move seamlessly between work environments, and between devices
Kunin AI collates insights in the background regardless of work location or device, and presents in one cohesive view

Enable Flexible Scheduling

Capitalize on work schedules that align with most productive times

Provide the flexibility for employees to create their own schedules, guided by the Manager or Department schedule, enabling them to choose times when they are most productive while supporting the needs of your organization

View and compare schedules across employees 

Receive alerts on schedule deviations that can have an impact on performance

Support All Talent Strategies

Buy, Build, or Borrow, today’s talent pool is diverse and flexible. Our solution’s simplicity of implementation and ease of use allows Managers to empower talent inside and outside of your organization

  • Full Time (buy)
  • Part Time (buy)
  • Up-skill (build)
  • Contract/Freelance/Gig (borrow)

Empower Performance

Improve performance by understanding and capitalizing on work practices that contribute to peak performance

Managers can empower their teams with access to insights via Manager centric dashboards

  1. Real time insights
  2. Best time to focus
  3. Most productive times
  4. Flow
  5. Precise time spent on productive, unproductive, and uncategorized tasks and activities
  6. Target effort against actual effort
  7. Impact of unproductive work on assigned work
  8. Impact of disruptions on focus
  9. Identification of uncategorized productive work
  10. Historical trends by tasks, activities, dates, and team
  11. Application and website classification and usage by employee, team, department

Facilitate Performance Reviews

Access performance notes inline to facilitate future performance discussions

Managers can acknowledge, add additional feedback, and praise in response to Employee performance notes

Promote Employee Wellness

Ensure your employee value proposition strategy is working 

Managers are alerted based on Employee schedules when their Employees are

  1. Working too much
  2. Not taking breaks
  3. Working outside of their defined working hours

Identify Potential Training Opportunities

Monitor tasks that continuously go over expected estimates to identify potential training opportunities

Compare effort across the team to understand where a team member is working harder than necessary to complete a task

Improve Resource Planning

Leverage historical trends to refine resource planning

Discover New Ways To Work

Leveraging machine learning Managers can review trends across teams, activities, tasks, and dates to:

Discover unknown activities and tasks – Managers can categorize unknown activity and tasks with productive work

Discover opportunity to streamline efforts – Managers can uncover where extra work and potentially unnecessary work is being done, possibly revealing why work is taking longer than defined or expected

Discover potential new best practices – Managers can learn from Employees and adopt new best practices

Promote Transparency

Transparency is a critical success factor with any solution.  Managers can reference inline your policies on how and what data is collected, why, and what to do if they feel the data collected has been misused.