Workflow Intelligence

Discover the True Effort of Work through Everyday Execution

Categorize, and measure unknown activities and tasks associated with productive and unproductive work with the assistance of machine learning 

Workflow intelligence was created because we know no matter how hard you try it is near impossible to document and maintain every single productive task

Patent pending

Identify areas for training – Review trends across teams, activities, and tasks to uncover where extra work, and potentially unnecessary work, is being done, identifying areas where additional training may be required, and uncovering why work is taking longer than defined or expected

Credit your employees for all the work performed – Credit your employees for all the work performed – Account for all productive work regardless of how little time a task takes

Improve resource planning and management – Capturing and categorizing all work associated with productive activities and tasks, up to the minute, improving estimates on future work, resource allocation, and project planning

Uncover potential new best practices – Review trends across teams, activities, and tasks to identify more efficient way of getting work done

Identify inappropriate apps and website usage – Scan uncategorized activity to identify use of unapproved or inappropriate apps and websites.

Leverage an AI First Technology

Kunin AI’s, patent pending, non-intrusive solution is built on the latest technology stack available and connects into any environment without integration overhead.
Workflow Intelligence is comprised of neural networks for application and window sequencing that enables all work to be categorized, not just the work you know and understand but all the work being done.

Our Commitment

Our design is inclusive of all levels of the organization and built with capabilities that support full transparency.  Data drives insights and we believe that capturing data and metrics are an integral part of understanding how to improve.  We also believe in full transparency in what is being captured, how the data is being used, and that insights should be shared with employees empowering them to maximize their individual potential.

Our solution was purposefully designed with:


No keylogging

No camera

No video

No email monitoring

No content capture

No support for stealth monitoring

Ability to Pause