Right to Disconnect

You took time to write and implement your policies, now you can validate that they are working.

Technology has allowed communication to flow with ease no matter our location or time of day.  This has allowed many of us to enjoy work flexibility including work from anywhere.  However it has blurred the boundaries between our work and personal lives to the point that we can no longer distinguish the difference.  

The right to disconnect is a social movement that is helping to redefine separation and bring back balance to our lives.  Organizations are defining policies to ensure their employees are not contacted outside of their working hours, giving them the right to disconnect.

It is law in many parts of Europe, and Canada.  

It is an expected outcome in the future of work.

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Identify violations

Alert Managers and Employees when a potential violation has occurred.

Key Insights

  • Date and Time of Violation

  • Activity

  • Resolution

Inform Team Members

Understand when team members are disconnected mitigating violations and promoting your right to disconnect policies

Key Insights

  • Employee Driven Schedule

  • Cross Team View

  • Metrics